Where to Look for Help on Products you’ve purchased?

feature-2Have you experienced purchasing something online or at the nearest mall then after thorough quality checks before you paying your item, you have realized in the long run that there are issues on the item you purchased? Here are the lists of where to reach out on certain products customer service…. Read More→

Are the Customer Still Always Right?

feature-1The expression “The customer is always right” was initially coined in 1909 by Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of Selfridge’s retail store in London, and is ordinarily used by businesses organization to persuade customers that they will get good service at this company and persuade workers to give customers a good service. Read More→

Customer Service 101

feature-3The basic of providing the best customer service is to ensure that you are practicing “empathy” (be on the customer’s shoe) how would you feel, save as much time as possible, they should not be at your mercy and most of all do the best or beyond you could to provide the best service possible…. Read More→